2nd Trimester of Pregnancy: Thoughts & Takeaways

Goodbye 2nd Trimester

And just like that… the 2nd trimester of pregnancy has come and gone. WOW! I remember in the 1st trimester when the days would drag on and I would think that the uncomfortable part of pregnancy was going to last forever.

I definitely see why they call the 2nd trimester the honeymoon phase! No more nausea (can I get an amen?!) increased energy, increased appetite, your belly grows, you share the news with everyone, you find out the sex (if you want) and you get to feel your baby move! I can honestly say that I have loved the past 3 months of pregnancy, and they really have flown by.

*I do want to note that every pregnancy is different for everyone and what one experiences, others may find the opposite.

As I am sitting back and reflecting on these special months that have just passed, I see a lot of adjustment. Our bodies go through so much change when pregnant, which I’m guessing is why the 1st trimester is so rough. Adjusting to this change is key. We won’t be able to work out as well as we used to, move at the same pace as we used to, eat the same things we used to (hello heartburn), wear the same clothes, or even feel the same. We are CHANGING! And this change can be joyous and beautiful if we adjust to it and embrace it instead of holding on to what was.

Change is hard and difficult, and does not always go our way! I found that throughout this period of my life, embracing the circumstances around me and exploring and adjusting to this new normal really excites things!Ā Gratitude has been a consistent feeling lately šŸ™‚

And things are changing again, now! My belly is getting bigger and tighter, I can’t bend down as well as I used to, I’m getting even slower, I can’t run as much as I could in the 2ndĀ trimester, and yes- my feet are swelling at times šŸ™

Again, I am going to choose to embrace the oncoming 3rd trimester despite wanting to hold onto the perfect 2ndĀ trimester. Things are changing again, I need to jump on board and adjust with it! After all, I think this is how things will be from now on while raising a child! šŸ˜‰

Before I fully jump into the 3rd trimester, I wanted to share my thoughts and some changes I made during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy that I really found to workĀ well for me.

2nd Trimester Foods

I think food was the first and major change for the 2nd trimester. The best change too. I went into the the 2nd trimester unsure of what to eat. During the 1st trimester, I ate whatever I could find that did not sound extremely nauseating. In the 2nd, my appetite came back, but I did start getting heartburn and occasional nausea. I was also used to eating pizza and chicken nuggets.

While that is totally fine at times, I really found myself not eating the way I would like. I have always fueled my body well, and now when it’s time to grow and fuel another body IĀ wanted to continue that!

These are the major changes I made with my diet:

  • Large smoothies and smoothie bowls- mainly ate these for breakfast
  • Fresh Juice from the juicer (apple, cucumber, celery, lemon/lime, sometimes cayenne)- normally had this after an evening workout
  • Baked potatoes- these were amazing!! Baked potatoes with natural ketchup and a large plate of steamed veggies was a go-to dinner
  • Large salads with romaine lettuce and fruit instead of just spinach or mixed greens – for lunch
  • Nutritional yeast- so good on salads!
  • Start the day with 1/2 liter of fruit infused water- made the night before and Ā had to drink it in the morning before I could have coffee
  • Fruit as snacksĀ 
  • Dates & peanut butter- and any type of cookies I could make from them!
  • Soba noodles!Ā 

Some key things that I tried to maintain were:

  1. Low salt
  2. Low oil
  3. Lots of water
  4. Veggies
  5. Indulgences on natural foods (Plant over processed!)

I really did find that I loved these foods and felt great while eating them!

2nd Trimester Workouts

No matter if you are pregnant or not, if you don’t enjoy your workouts, they will likely cause you more stress than anything! Working out is so good for your physical and mental health and should be a time to enjoy! I have definitely noticed myself physically slowing down during pregnancy. I used to do lots of fast cardio and circuits, but soon found myself struggling with them. These are the following changes I’ve made to my workout routine:

  • Workout 5-6 days a week- IF I FEEL LIKE IT. If I feel tired- rest.
  • Joined a local gym (Burn) to take classes- this helped me SO much not only because I loved the classes, but because it was harder to get the motivation to workout. With going to classes all you have to do is get there! Then just follow the instructor.
  • Interval running *I can post the specific workouts if needed-Ā I could not run as long as I used to, so I found that 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off, etc. was a good compromise!
  • Barre workouts- The body barre classes at Burn Athletic were the perfect pace for me. I love them! I also tried cycling but bending over on the bike did make my stomach uncomfortable after a while.
  • Yoga- I attended weekly yoga in a warm room up until a couple weeks ago. I love yoga and really think it is important to keep the practice going throughout pregnancy! I have now stopped going to the warm classes because I found myself feeling warmer than usual and took that as a sign that maybe I need to stick to regular yoga for the remainder of pregnancy. I love usingĀ Tara Styles Yoga Videos after a nice walk or elliptical session. She even has pre-natal videos!

2nd Trimester Life Changes

So we all know that our hormones are changing during pregnancy and it might be a BIT crazy in the beginning! I felt like things really balanced out in the 2nd trimester for me. However, after laying down every spare minute I had in the 1st trimester, I tried to get things a bit more organized and do-able in the 2nd trimester. Again, my mind was on adjusting to this change that is currently happening and will continue to happen now that we are going to have a 3rd little Yeatt’s family member! These are the following life changes that I realized helped me feel more balanced in the 2nd trimester:

  • Organization- Good cleaning and organization sessions helped me feel like I am making room for my new little baby (nesting too early?!). I feel peaceful and relaxed when the space around me is clean and organized so I really made an effort to do that (even more than before)!
  • Patience- I feel like patience has been a continuous process throughout this whole pregnancy. Learning more patience in my marriage, my work, in wanting to have everything perfect, in making money, in even the everyday things like cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Work-Ā I was lucky and did not have a job during the 1st trimester of pregnancy since we had just moved here. I did get a job in the second trimester and am loving it!
  • Self-Care-Ā Oddly, I created some really good self-care strategies in the 1st trimester. I guess I needed to feel crappy for a while to realize the benefits of giving yourself a little love and care! I really think self care and good relationships can create a great balance for all of our busy lives. Throughout the 2nd trimester I made sure to keep these self-care strategies going. It was hard though, so I made myself a checklistĀ and make sure that I do 3 activities (take a bath, do my nails, face masks, read books, etc) per week.
  • Planning-Ā Planning has always been a part of my weekly routine, however, I put more time and effort towards it throughout the 2nd trimester. Not to mention that Adam and I were both working and we only had one car- which takes some good planning! I also knew that I felt absolute best when IĀ had time to clean, cook nourishing meals, write on here, workout, etc. Sitting down once a week and doing some good planning for my week was something that really helped me create that time.

2nd Trimester Inspirations

Throughout the second trimester, I have LOVED reading and learning about plant-based eating. I followed things that I was inspired by or foods that I knew made me feel good. This kept me inspired and motivated to eat healthy. I found myself reading a lot of literature by marathoners and ultra-distance runners, which really amused me because I had reduced my running to 2 minutes at a time! Regardless, it gave me goals to think about post-pregnancy. The main inspriations that kept me wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and really enjoying it were:

  • Earthy Andy Instagram and Blog– Ā These pages inspired me to love life, and make delicious smoothies (with lots of fruit)! She also has delicious soup recipes!
  • Loni Jane EbooksĀ & Blog– These gave me great recipe ideas that are very nourishing! Her “rawnola” has become a staple in my weekly meal prep! Her ebooks have good resources on natural skincare, which I found very helpful!
  • Ellen Fisher’s Blog– She writes a lot about pregnancy, which I really enjoy reading!
  • No Meat Athlete Book, Blog, & PodcastĀ – Matt Frazier’s blog post’s and books are great reads and Ā easy to understand. I found a lot of good recipes from his books. I also loved listening to the podcasts as I would cook or dive during our weekend trips.
  • Brendan Brazier’s book, Thrive– I am currently reading this book for the 2nd time! It contains a lot of information that can be applied to any person’s diet. Brendan looks atĀ all of the sources of stress in our life (diet included!) and how to alter our diet to properly fuel and recover from stress. ThriveForward also has some really great recipes!

Well, thats all for now. I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts on the 2nd Trimester of pregnancy and maybe even have taken a thing or two of inspiration.I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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