Hello! My name is Stephanie Yeatts, and this little basketball bump is Baby Asher. I guess you can say that he plays a big part in my food journey!

Growing up an elite level gymnast and cheerleader, I have always been passionate about health & fitness. Throughout my college years, I studied many different diets and found that I felt my best when I worked out and ate well. I was a collegiate competitive cheerleader, and found that I was extremely successful at practice when I maintained a healthy diet and exercise regimen! I received my undergraduate degree in Health Education & Promotion, and became a Certified Health Education Specialist. I began Health Coaching friends, families, and athletes that I worked with.

From there, I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling, something I had always dreamed of. Throughout my Master’s program, I was able to coach Collegiate Cheerleading and Acrobatics and Tumbling. I was also able to work with the athletes on nutrition and strength training. I loved seeing the positive effects in others!

My husband, Adam (also a former gymnast, cheerleader, & coach) and I met in Hawai’i when we were both attending college at Hawai’i Pacific University. It was during college that he introduced me to “blogs” and I fell in love (with him too)! We now live in Raleigh, NC and I am pregnant with our first child. I cannot express how grateful I am to have married my best friend and now get to bring life into the world with him!

This is where my story takes a twist. Throughout pregnancy my appetite changed (which happens to most women and if it didn’t happen to you- you are so lucky!) and I couldn’t find anything to eat besides microwavable food, ice cream, pizza, and Asian noodles. I am actually grateful that I could eat all of that because it is oh so difficult to find foods that sound decent enough to eat! However, fast forward to the second trimester and I was feeling better and more energized, but was still craving junk. I thought it was crazy that I could eat healthy basically my whole life, but when I am growing and nourishing another human being it all goes out the window! I really wanted to make some positive changes. 

I began searching for inspiration on instagram and pinterest to find some type of healthy food that looked good. I came across Earthy Andy and Loni Jane and their colorful salads and smoothies and was instantly intrigued. I began thinking, why do I think it is okay to eat chicken nuggets and ice cream at night, but I think it is “too much sugar” if I put a whole banana in my smoothie?! I suddenly realized that I had things terribly backwards. I would let myself eat processed foods, but whole, natural foods from the earth were too “starchy” or “sugary”. 

I began filling my cravings with whole foods that I typically wouldn’t let myself eat such as potatoes and fruit. What is worse- eating a bag of chips or indulging in a large, delicious, organic russet potato?! I began allowing myself whatever plant foods I wanted, and decreased my consumption of salt, meat, and dairy. I began to be more inspired in the kitchen and soon saw my plates more colorful and nutritious than ever! Before you know it I realized that I was loving the food I was eating, felt great, and was inspired with my health and fitness, even though I was pregnant.

And that is what I want for you, too. Don’t “wait until _____ is over” to make changes. Look for inspiration and motivation for what you can change now! I hope you can find health and fitness inspiration and goals that excite you and encourage you to create positive habits in your life. Life is too short to not be our best selves!

I hope you can find Hip Fit Foodie a place of inspiration, education, and resources all told from a personal perspective of someone who is constantly changing, growing, and adapting to life’s circumstances while striving to stay inspired and healthy. Change is difficult and scary- but it is how we thrive! I hope to ease some of your confusion and help you build a life of abundant, healthy energy by sharing stories, workouts, tips, plant-based recipes, and meal plans. For those of you who want more individualized help, check out my Health Coaching and Meal Plan services.