First Trimester Pregnancy Workout

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout

If you have ever been pregnant, know someone who has been pregnant, read about it, or even just read a Facebook status, you may already know that for some mommy’s out there (okay most) the first trimester is extremely rough on the body! There is a drastic change in energy levels, hormone levels, emotions, appetite, and just the way one feels physically.

One of the things thatI noticed in my own first trimester of pregnancy was that I got out of breath very easily! Even just talking to other people I would have to stop and catch my breath. Not to mention that anytime I walked up the steps to my apartment I was out of breath and even dizzy when I got there (we only live on the second floor).

Well, most of you may know that the reason that pregnant women get dizzy and out of breath, especially in the first trimester, is because they are pumping a lot of their blood supply to the growing baby! My little nugget was taking a lot of my blood, which caused me to be dizzy and out of breath. You can guess that this was especially apparent with my workouts. Now I am not one to stray from my workout routine, especially since doctors suggest to keep working out as long as it feels okay to you. However, it was beginning to not feel okay!

My workouts were a bit too fast for this new pace I was going and I felt the need to adjust. My usual 20 minute HIIT workout transitioned to a longer, slower treadmill interval. My fast-paced bodyweight circuits turned to slower, weighted exercises. The cool thing about this was that I knew exactly what I needed to transition to, I felt it. If you are in tune with your body and trust yourself, you will too.

If you aren’t super in-tune with your body, scared to try a new workout, or feel that nothing you have tried in your first trimester feels good, this workout may be a winner for you! I want to mention that I did not do this workout everyday. While I tried to workout everyday, somedays it was just NOT going to happen. Sometimes I did the treadmill and a short yoga or stretching sequence, sometimes I just walked and didn’t run on the treadmill at all, somedays I tried to run more, it just depended on how I felt! I want to encourage you to do the same. See how your body feels and then tackle your workout. *NOTE- sometimes I did push myself because lets face it- first trimester emotions are insane and sometimes you have to look past the resistance and know that a workout is going to be good for you!

Things To Remember When Working Out While Pregnant (Or Starting A New Workout Program)

  • ALWAYS keep water on you!
  • If you can’t hold a conversation when you are working out- you are doing too much!
  • Stop if you get lightheaded
  • Cramping/bleeding is not normal- stop your workout if this occurs

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout


I did this on the treadmill, but you can do it on any machine- adjust to your speed levels!

  • 7 minutes incline walk (I did incline 7.5; Speed 2.8)
  • 2 minutes job (I did 6.0)

Continue until you’ve hit 30 minutes, or until you feel that you have done enough!


Complete 1-3 sets of the following:

  • 10 weighted sit ups
  • 20 weighted mason twists
  • 10 leg drops
  • 10 sit-ups with feet in L
  • 10 pushups with 30 second plank hold on forearms
  • 10 tricep pushups with 30 second plank hold on hands
  • 10 wide-arm pushups with 30 second plank on forearms
  • 10 weighted hamstring lifts each leg
  • 20 glute bridges

I hope you can find this workout helpful! Below is a picture that you can save to your phone keep the workout on hand. I would love to hear your thoughts on workouts you found helpful during your first trimester, ideas, or any questions you have!

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