March Workout Calendar

March Workout Calendar

Happy March 1! Wow, it seems like just a couple weeks ago I was posting the February Workout Calendar. In that post, I was expressing my excitement that Spring is just around the corner! Well now it’s even closer! Just another reason to jump on the workout train with the March Workout Calendar.

The March workouts continue with the strength training from last month. The strength exercises are made to be done at a faster pace than just lifting weights. For example, squat jumps instead of squats. This is to get your body burning! Time to melt off that winter coat in preparation for Spring!

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Like all of our Monthly Workout Programs, This March Workout Calendar is designed so you can save it to your phone and have it readily available for when you hit the gym. Whenever it’s time to workout, just pull up this picture and follow the calendar.

Make sure to let us know how you like the workouts!! Post pictures (tag @healthy_happy_loved), or comment below! We’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

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