Meal Prep Recipe: Mini Vegan Pizzas

Meal Prep Mini Vegan Pizzas?! You mean I get to have pizza… everyday?!

While I 100% advocate for more of a whole food plant based diet of less processed foods… sometimes we need to switch things up a bit! So sure, have pizza everyday…. mini vegan pizzas to be exact!

The best thing about this recipe is you cook once, and you have AS MANY as you want. Freeze some, or keep them in the fridge for lunches, either way you are 1 microwaved minute away from pizza.

I love this recipe because it is a good way to get your pizza fix while still eating (mostly) healthy. In my opinion, it is better to have high fiber wheat crust with vegan cheese than Dominos delivery, or even frozen pizza! And even better, they are mini pizzas so hey, portion control! You don’t have to make them mini, however, thats just what we did because this was a meal prep recipe and eating a large pizza, healthy or not, for lunch would be a recipe for nap time! Who’s got time for nap time besides Baby Asher?!

This recipe is as easy as 1-2-3-4! Just follow along! This recipe is also very versatile, use any of your favorite flatbread, toppings, and sauces! Have fun with it!

Step 1: Flatbread

You’ll want to find a good flatbread that meets your needs. When I say “meets your needs” I mean, are you eating low carb? High fiber? As natural as possible?! When buying a flatbread, those are the things to keep in mind.

We used Joseph’s Brand of mini oat & flax pitas. These pitas are high in fiber, high in protein, and lower carb. And don’t forget MINI! I like these pitas because they are really soft, and high in fiber, which will keep you fuller longer!

Step 2: Sauce

If you are buying pizza sauce from the store, it may be hard to find one that is not loaded with added sugar. We always get pasta sauce instead, which tastes just like pizza sauce! I’m note really sure if there is a difference.

The pasta sauce that we used for these pizzas was Mur Glen Organic Tomato & Basil, and boy oh boy was it delicious! This sauce can be found at your local grocery store (most likely), wal-mart, or amazon for about $3!

Step 3: Veggies/Herbs

If you are making mini pizzas like these, it will be more difficult, but not impossible, to pile veggies on. I suggest to pick your favorite veggie, and your favorite herb!

Here, we used chopped spinach and chopped basil from our herb garden. I love spinach on pizza because you really can’t taste it! It makes your pizza colorful, AND you get your veggies in! Seriously, what is not to love about these mini vegan pizzas?! I also love basil because it adds a great extra taste to the pizza without added sugars or salt.

Step 4: Cheese

But wait, a VEGAN pizza has cheese?!

There are so many different cheese alternatives that you can find. We love Daiya cheese, and GoVeggie brands for cheese alternatives. Here, we used GoVeggie.

While I am not a fan of processed foods (even Vegan ones) once in a while, especially times that you are meal prepping mini vegan pizzas, it it perfectly fine (says me). As the saying goes, everything in moderation, right?

If you prefer all natural over processed, and aren’t strictly vegan, I think a bit of goat cheese in place of the processed cheese would be delightful! Also, just because its pizza doesn’t mean it HAS to have cheese! Pile on some more veggies, nuts, hummus, avocado, or seeds in place of cheese and it will taste just as good!

Easy Recipe

Bake for 8 minutes on 350F and there you have it! Easy Meal Prep Mini Vegan Pizzas!

These are so great if you are pregnant and making freezer meals, or just want something fairly healthy that you can grab and microwave for a quick lunch or dinner.


meal prep mini vegan pizza
Meal Prep Recipe: Mini Vegan Pizzas

A quick & easy meal prep recipe for your picky husband, kids, or yourself! Have your pizza, and stay vegan too!

Course: Main Course
  • Mini flatbreads *We used Joseph's brand
  • Sauce *I like to use pasta sauce rather than pizza sauce- less sugar!
  • Chopped veggies & herbs *We used spinach & basil
  • Vegan cheese of choice *We used GoVeggie brand
  1. Preheat oven to 350F. 

  2. Line pizzas on a baking tray.

  3. Add a scoop of sauce to each pizza. 

  4. Add a handful of chopped veggies & herbs to each pizza.

  5. Add a handful of vegan cheese to each pizza.

  6. Bake for 8 minutes. Let cool and transfer to ziploc bags (for fridge) or freezer bags (for freezer). These will last for up to 1 week in the fridge. 

Recipe Notes

This is a very versatile recipe! Switch up the sauce, veggies, and toppings for different types of pizzas! 

There is no need to use cheese if you don't want to. Add any nuts, seeds, hummus, avocado, or veggies in place of cheese if desired. 

Let me know how this recipe goes for you! Leave a comment below and rating, and tag me in your pictures: @hipfitfoodie .  Happy Pizza Making!

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