Meal Prep Sunday

With everyone’s busy lifestyle, it’s very hard to find time to actually cook healthy foods during the week. Whether you are a busy mom, athlete, or business man, you will likely find weekly meal prep a must to stay healthy.

If you take two hours out of your weekend to cook bulky items, snacks and prep veggies, you will find yourself with healthy food readily available throughout the week! You will not have to come home and wonder what to cook for dinner, or what to pack for lunch the next day.

It may seem inconvenient to take time out of your weekend to prep food- I mean, you’re so busy throughout the week, the weekend is your time to rest! However, taking just two hours will relieve you from the stress of wondering what to eat, having to cooking food, or eating food that you don’t want to (ex: eating fast food just for convenience). Meal prepping healthy food will give back in the realms of time, stress, & health!

What You Need

To have a successful meal prep, you will likely need

  • Strainer to wash veggies
  • Knife & cutting board
  • Ziploc bags
  • Containers to store food
  • Basic ingredients for what you want to make!

Steps To Meal Prep

If you have never meal prepped before, it can be intimidating! Try to follow these steps to a successful meal prep session.

1. Write out what meals you want to prep- there are multiple ways you can do this. I would suggest thinking of 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, & 3 dinners for the week, or if you typically take leftovers for lunch, skip lunches. Don’t forget about snacks! Snacks is what many people are not prepped for and may cave for the bag of chips or candy bar. Try planning for 1-2 snacks, including fresh fruits, chopped veggies, or baked goods. To find inspiration for your meals, check out Pinterest! It’s a great habit to have a “Meal Prep” board and pin meals throughout the week so you have ideas when you sit down to plan.

2. Buy all ingredients– As you plan, write out what ingredients you will need, and then hit the store! Don’t forget to add other meal staples or items that you will need.

Tip: Start by seeing what you already have, or if you have any coupons and plan meals around that. This will make for a cheaper grocery bill!

3. Start with items that take a while to cook (crockpot/instant pot meals, rice,  muffins, etc)- Starting with the large items will give them time to cook while you prep smaller items.

4. Prepare any sauces (salad dressings for the week, sauces that may go with meals)- this step is important if you like to make homemade salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, hummus, or any other sauces that you know you won’t have time to make during the week!

5. Wash & Chop veggies (any veggies for salads, veggies that you will cook later in the week, etc)- You are far more likely to grab a handful of carrots or chopped veggies when they are already washed, cut, and in a baggie. You can even prep veggies that you will cook later in the week, such as zucchini or broccoli.

6. Prepare snacks for the week (place in baggies, etc)- Again, having snacks readily available to throw in your lunch or eat when you get home will help stray you from grabbing a bag of chips or running through the fast food line.

Tips To Make Meal Prep Fun

Meal prepping does not have to be boring! Make it fun by following these tips:

  • Listen to a podcast
  • Listen to music
  • Time yourself and try to beat your time each week
  • Meal prep with a friend!

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