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Resolve Your Balance: 1-Month Hormone Balancing Fitness & Nutrition Program


Hip Fit Foodie is teaming up with Andrea Beardsley-Glover, a Certified Personal Trainer (MentPhys Wellness) to provide women all over the world with a one of a kind program. This nutrition and fitness combination program has been designed specifically with female physiology in mind and strives to help women balance their hormones. Andrea and Stephanie have a passion for helping women that are struggling everyday to take care of their bodies in a natural way.

They have found that many women are struggling with irregular, missed, or painful periods. Through research, women surveys, and basic conversations, they have discovered that many women are unaware of how their bodies truly work and what women should be doing to create the most productive version of themselves. Together, we are on a mission to provide knowledge and assistance to women that have tried everything to lose weight, escape the pain, and find it impossible to understand what their body is truly trying to tell them. This fitness and nutrition program is designed to meet the needs of women specifically in the areas of their eating habits and exercise routines in correlation with their menstrual cycle.



Details For The One Month Program 

*NOTE- this is not a plant-based meal plan, however, the recipes are easily adjustable to any diet. A lot of research and thought went into this program and I feel confident that it is a success regardless of what diet you follow!

The basic package is designed to provide an overall understanding of what a women needs at each phase of her cycle. Most women have a 28 day cycle (4 weeks). The package will provide specific nutrition and exercise plans catered to the needs of each phase of your cycle, to help balance your hormones. This package includes:

  • 4 Weekly Meal plans including:

-Grocery lists
-Meal Prep

  • 4 Weekly Workouts:

– High Intensity Interval Training
– Strength Training
– Tips on protein consumption, yoga stretches, and proper exercise formations
– Workouts designed to be completed right in your home
– Workouts designed for active women (currently exercising at least 3 days a week


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