Third Trimester Pregnancy Workouts

Wow, the third trimester of pregnancy! Almost done and almost time to meet our baby boy!

As I am writing this, I am 9 days away from my due date! I can honestly say that pregnancy has been an amazing journey, way better than I could have imagined. I really thought that I would feel swollen, tired, and HUGE the whole time.

While every pregnancy is different, I am happy to say that I did not feel any of those! I really think that consistently working out and eating a plant based diet truly helped prevent those symptoms. I felt amazing! And as my bump grew, I loved it so much.

I will say that right now, 9 days away from my due date, I do feel more swollen. I think that is because all of the water that is needed for the baby. I am also already on maternity leave so I am not inside air-conditioning all day, but sitting, writing in my apartment where we don’t use much AC. Not to mention- sitting. Keeping your body moving and cooled also helps a lot during pregnancy!

Why I Have Grown To Love Walking

Throughout this past third trimester, I definitely slowed the pace of my workouts. I still worked out every day (mostly) and that is purely because I wanted to. Looking back, these are some loose rules that I followed:

  • Workout daily as you feel energy- don’t workout if you feel too tired
  • Skip a day if a friend wants to meet during a time I would normally workout
  • Take it slow and listen to my body

The main thing that changed with my workouts in the third trimester is I switched from indoor treadmill running intervals to outdoor long walks for cardio. I know, I know- outdoors?!

There was something so refreshing and slightly challenging about taking my time outside during walks, looking at the nature, and listening to enriching podcasts. I went from what I would say “pushing” myself in workouts, to enjoying the workouts and slowing down for my changing body.

I did not experience any cramps while slow walking, and always felt great when I got back to my apartment- and enjoyed a huge liter of ice cold water! I also did these walks in the mornings when the weather was still a bit cooler (but still applied sunscreen and wore a hat which is very important!)

Full Body Workouts

Throughout my whole pregnancy, I have enjoyed attending Full Body Toning Workouts 3 times per week. I took Body Barre classes at a local gym here in raleigh, called Burn Athletic. I felt like it was important to strengthen and tone my muscles, but liked that there was less impact than say, a bootcamp class. I was also given modifications to help with pregnancy.

While I actually don’t think there is anything wrong with the heavier, faster paced workouts during pregnancy (unless it hurts, of course) I personally took this time to slow down, get in tune with my body, and do slower, less impacting workouts. That what I found worked best for me, and I was able to stick with consistent workouts my whole pregnancy!

Workout Calendar

The following workout calendar is what I followed my whole third trimester. I actually think that this was my favorite schedule out of all of the trimesters! I really slowed down, but still consistently worked out and stayed in shape. Because it was slower, I didn’t dread any workouts. I didn’t dread having to run or get on the treadmill in the freezing cold gym, but enjoyed my outdoor walks, stretching, and full body workout classes.

If you are pregnant, this workout schedule could be useful throughout any trimester! Or, if you aren’t pregnant, but are looking for low-impact toning exercises plus some really good yet slower cardio- this could be perfect for you!

As always, everyone is different. This is what worked for me and I hope that it can give you some ideas of what could work for you too! I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below!

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